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Gordon Bennett  (Headmaster)










'Reform' from the dictionary meaning;

verb., re-formed, re-form�ing, re-forms.

1) to improve or enhance through moderate change.

2) to cause (someone) to abandon an evil, corrupt, or irresponsible way of living.


Well, our parents and teachers always told us "You'll look back at your school years and realise what a great time you had".

You may have disagreed, but, have you changed, have you abandoned the irresponsible way of living.  Find out by taking the 'Naughty or Nice' test on this page . We aim to remind you of your school years.  With so much going on at our events we're certain you'll be reminiscing about your younger years.  Why not check out "Do You Remember"  I'm certain you'll be smiling before the end.

We don't guarantee to change your ways, if school couldn't do it in ten years what chance do we have in one night.






School uniform is not essential at Reform School Discos but it is encouraged as it can give you various benefits at the venue such as drink promotions, priority Queue jump and VIP access to the the After School Club.

Click on the pictures to get ideas on what to wear.



Some of our venues now

operate a strict




(Check events page for details)


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